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WORKSHOP: Sound Art Workshop

Within the frame of Seedlings with Siblings programme, Roberta Busechian will hold a bio sonic/ sound workshops. In this collaborative experimental journey, we will be working with the plants, using various methods to identify them, paying meticulous attention to their details and their natural and architectural surroundings through various kinds of mics and equipment.

The themes of the workshop will be: organic listening, structural listening, micro listening, macro listening and will involve specific ways to approach sound as sound artistic practice. The workshop will be finalised with a performance/ presentation. 

For who: Everyone from all backgrounds and age groups. (No prior knowledge is necessary)
When: 21 May – 25 June – register by 19 MAY
Every Friday between 2pm – 4 pm

Where: At Haunt, Frontviews, Kluckstraße 23A, 10785 Berlin
What to bring: Personal computer, Headphones, if available recorder, USB Stick, Block notes
Working Language: English and German
Fee: 10 eur/ month payable on the first day of the workshop

The workshops will be held outdoors and according to the Corona regulations. In case of cancellations, they will be held via Zoom.

For more info

See more about Seedlings with Siblings program here.

Erigeron floribundus

Roberta Busechian is a sound artist, curator, researcher, lecturer of sound art theory, practice  and sonic activism. She is a guest lecturer at IUAV University of Venice, was a lecturer at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Master Sound Art for creative industries) at electronic music academy recreative12. She teaches sound art in art schools in Berlin since 2014 and has attended international conferences presenting her research through talks and presentations (i.e “CENSE Annual Sonic Ecology Conference” (Usti nad Labem – CZ),  ICST – Institute for Computer Music and Sound  Technology, Zurich). Her main interests include the effects of listening in creating common aggregation points in the physical space, and especially the technological possibility of virtually connected urban spaces through live stream and time shift. She presented her works in many exhibitions and performances around Europe: Venice, Milano, Verona, Vicenza, Trieste, Nova Gorica (Slovenia), Berlin (DE), Salzburg (AU), Siegen (DE), Graz (au), Weimar (DE), San Diego (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Long Beach (CA), Tijuana (Mexico). Her sound performances where presented at  international festivals like Hoergerede-Elevate Festival in Graz (2014) and Transmediale Vorspiel in Berlin (2015).