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– HAUNT Session / Taio Boumort


Taio Boumort plays solo his songs for you in our unique cultural centre in BERLIN-TIERGARTEN. Taio has been on stage since the last 80’s, first in garage rock bands, then leading Gran Panico Sur (Barcelona’s hard rock cult band) through the 90’s. He starts his solo career with the turning of the century, mixing projects in Catalan and English, in a more US alt-country/roots rock style, following the path of Steve Earle and Will Johnson. Nomad on the road, during the last 15 years he is been living and playing all around Europe. He lives in Germany since 2014 and he tours the country regularly both solo and with his band Elk & Bearhead. In 2020 he released his new solo folk/rock album, Sang de la meva sang.

There will also be the opportunity to visit the 2 current exhibitions:

It will be Halloween, which origin should be sought in the story of Jack O’ Lantern, a man who was condemned by the devil to roam the world, at night, in the light of the “dug” pumpkin containing a candle. We believe could be an occasion to stay together, remember who is no longer among us, enjoying an acoustic guitar, a strong voice, drinks and stories of true travels.

Because of safety issues, we have to make a guest list. Everybody accepting this event is on the list. [All rules concerning corona apply for this event: please do not come, if you have symptoms or had contact with an infected person. thank you]
Please bring your friends, a lot of love and wear a mask (for inside).

It is an outdoor event, with a tent roof! Entrance is free, with a responsible donation for the artist. There will be a bar next to the stage with HOT DRINKS.



We are located at Kluckstraße 23A
10785 Berlin – Tiergaten (U-Bahn Kurfürstenstrasse)

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