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In the spacious backyard of Kluckstraße 23, in the southern territory of Berlins Tiergarten lives a new centre for contemporary art and culture. It is run by our art collective Frontviews, an international group of artists and theoreticians: we decided to call the space HAUNT.

It is housed in the former city gardeners education centre, where the grounds and training rooms of the Grünflächenamt have been abandoned for the past 7 years and left to the wild plants, an untethered whim of nature. With a little remodelling, allowing nature to catch its’ breath and to spread throughout the courtyard-garden (about 400 metres squared), we cautiously establish ourself alongside its inhabitants, as it prepares to invite and present a range of creative activities.

The HAUNT yard is now an art pavilion in the middle and a workshop building at the back. Due to the setting, artists from different disciplines are encouraged to develop thematically appropriate works, dealing with the conditions of the outdoor area. In addition to exhibitions, we also host different types of performing arts and workshops.

We are located in Kluckstraße 23A, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten (U-Bahn Kurfürstenstrasse).

Frontviews - HAUNT