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Sound Performance: Collective Sonification

25 June 2021, 4pm – 6pm
With Betty Böhm, Denny Fiorino, Maria Nitulescu, Sophia Uckmann, Francis Sosta and Roberta Busechian.
After a joyful yet intense month of workshops around sound art and the wild urban plants that took over the yard of HAUNT we are ready with the final presentation of the research.

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Talk: The Inhabitants of the Abandoned–by Ali M. Demirel

2 July 2021, 7 pm
Under the umbrella of Seedlings with Siblings project, using his video trilogy ‘Post Apocalyptic Utopias on Architecture’, as guide, Demirel will tackle with the instances of plants taking over urban structures.

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Talk/ Performance: Vogelsang –by Peter Cusack

3 July 2021, 7 pm
After Ali M. Demirel’s visual perspective on the plants taking over abandoned sites, on July 3rd, Peter Cusack will shed a light through sounds of plants and animals in abandoned Vogelsang.
Vogelsang is a exSoviet military base 60km north of Berlin that once housed nuclear weapons. 

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Talk: What would happen if nature were considered a nation?–by Mario Asef

9 July 2021, 7 pm
Within the frame of Seedlings with Siblings project, Mario Asef will talk about his project Kemmuna Nation (2018), where he has posed the question, what would happen if nature were considered a nation.

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Italian Rhapsody with a Touch of Saxony Concert – HAUNT SESSIONS

10 July 2021 @19h
Concert with: Jürgen Groß- Barock Violin Inka Döring- Barock Cello Sabine Erdmann-Cembalo  Italy is still Hochrisikogebiet, but we bring a bit dolce vita…

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Talk: Woods and Words –by Theresa Schubert

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16 July, 2021 7 pm
With her transdisciplinary works, artist Theresa Schubert manages to make the fine connective tissue between human / nature on the one hand and science / technology on the other visible and, above all, tangible.

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Zé Leônidas Concert – HAUNT SESSIONS

17 July 2021 @ 19h
Zé Leônidas is a multi-instrumentalist musician, singer and songwriter from São Paulo (Brazil), which has recently released his first studio studio album (2020).

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24 July 2021 @19h
CRIMSON SUNDAY is a music project by Berlin/Germany native singer-songwriter-rock artist Leon Tschernawin (Berlin-style german-russian roots). Since its beginning (2002).

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Seedlings with Siblings
– workshop program

In these times when we are yearning for and also questioning our interpersonal connectivity, the Seedlings with Siblings Public Program revisits the topic of social silver lining through the networks of plants that have surged to takeover HAUNT’s concrete, asphalt and cobblestoned backyard. The idea comes from a mere curiosity, rather from a childlike eagerness to know: What would we see underneath if we were to take an x-ray of these hard surfaces that structured this back yard? Knowing the interconnectedness of tress through mycelia, how would the network of these wild plants look like? How would these images in our imagination would reflect to our own current realities at this very moment?

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Ukulele Workshops

22 MAY – 31 JULY (Register by 19 May)

Within the frame of Seedlings with Siblings programme, Judith Bernhardt & Jake Painter will hold a Ukulele workshops. Preparing a repertory in relation to plants altogether, we will learn how to play this fun instrument. The workshop will be finalised with a performance/ presentation.

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Sound Art Workshop

21 MAY – 25 JUNE (Register by 19 May)

Within the frame of Seedlings with Siblings programme, Roberta Busechian will hold a bio sonic/ sound workshops. In this collaborative experimental journey, we will be working with the plants, using various methods to identify them, paying meticulous attention to their details and their natural and architectural surroundings through various kinds of mics and equipment.

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– workshop program

The mediation program “HAUNT MELODIE” wants to be a form of cultural networking that creates artistic spaces for an exchange with and between the visitors within the framework of the exhibition practice of the Kunstverein frontviews e.V..

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We are organizing a new series of cultural events for the next spring 2021. In addition to the Frontviews exhibitions, we are panning performing arts (including music gigs), workshops, talks and experiential events.
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