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– HAUNT Session #9 / Ina West & Sofi Paez

Friday, 09th June 2023 | 6 pm - 9 pm
w/ Ina West & Sofi Paez

HAUNT music sessions are back! We are so thrilled to bring more music in our beautiful yard. Join us for the new series of outdoor concerts and enjoy fresh music from international artists!
On the first day of the mini-festival, you will have a chance to listen to a Polish abstract electronica singer and a pianist from Costa Rica!

18:00 INA WEST

INA WEST creates trance, abstract electronica with the elements of Polish modern folk and jazz. Producer, singer, author of music and lyrics, combining the minimalist chill of Moderat with the concert energy of Die Antwoord.
Album “Girls” is an experiments along the border of abstract pop and acid jazz, diving into raw techno areas and tribalism, which takes you by your hand and invites you to dance. 

SOFI PAEZ is a pianist and a composer from Costa Rica. In her songs she finds herself combining piano with other textures and sounds.


Free admission



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