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SOUND PERFORMANCE: Collective Sonification

25 June 2021, 4pm - 6pm

With Betty Böhm, Denny Fiorino, Maria Nitulescu, Sophia Uckmann, Francis Sosta and Roberta Busechian.

After a joyful yet intense month of workshops around sound art and the wild urban plants that took over the yard of HAUNT we are ready with the final presentation of the research. Lead by sound artist Roberta Busechian, The Seedlings with Siblings Sound Art workshop aimed collecting different sonic views from the garden at Haunt through multiple points of listening. In this presentation, the participants will apply all the listening and recording techniques they learnt during the workshop in a collective performance. In a Clockwise set up, from a particular areas of the garden, each participant will perform through open mics and their interaction with recorded sounds of plants and the materials/environment the plants attached to in the garden. The structure of this open space will be shown acoustically and the aim is both to fix and evolve a sound memory of the space and to collect shared points through the listening activity of the participants.


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Seedlings with Siblings project is curated by Ece Pazarbasi

See more about Seedlings with Siblings program here.

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